Southeast Michigan Land Conservancy

What is this picture?
A) Elon Musk digging a high speed tunnel between LeFurge and West Prairie?
B) An old missile bunker on the property
C) A secret superhero "Bat Cave" under the Red Barn
D) A large pipeline to bring water from Slack Lake (at Lost Lake) to the Conservancy Gardens
E) A failed attempt at making a concrete submarine with windows!

Find out in the albums below!

"Around" the Farm!

What the heck is this? View the slide show to find out!

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Clearing the SE 20 Acres of LeFurge Nature Preserve.

Restoring the far SE field at LeFurge Nature Preserve in 2020. It was severely overgrown, based on growth it has been at least 15 years since last tended.

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The Kubota BX 2670 diesel tractor.

A great purchase, and MANY thanks to everyone that made it possible.
It is what made clearing the SE LeFurge field possible! It has also cleared "The Runways" at Lost Lake, and done many acres of mowing at LeFurge as well as the Conservancy Farm property. It has made grooming the preserve trails so much easier!

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Up north on Dutton Road outside Gregory MI is a large "in the raw" preserve. No trails, just trees, fields, and wildlife.

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