Real Time GPS Tracker Part 3

Tips for Greenalp Real Time GPS Tracker.
You are allowed to add two overlays which is a really nice little addition to the program. An overlay is a previously created route or track saved as a .KML file and uploaded to a web server, and then the Real Time setup points to the file. This is sort of neat so you can put the overlay there, then when you run/walk/bike/ski/drive the course your “guest” viewers can see where you are at on the actual course. You could create a collection of overlays, and then update the web site with the one you will want to display next, but I do not want to go in and have to change this all the time. I wondered if I could take several tracks and merge them together, then upload the combined KML file and see each of the courses. Turns out this can be done. I got a very simple program “KML Merge”.

I created several KML files by exporting tracks out of Sport Tracks, then used KML Merge to… merge them together. Simple.
I posted the newly merged file on the web server, went to the Greenalp setup, added the merged file, and now have several different courses using only one of the two files allowed.

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