The one I am having problems with is the “Outdated AQL server”. I tried updating several times, read how to do it, and just kept getting more confused. Basically it boils down to clone the database, create a new database using MySQL 5.7 then importing the cloned database to it. Once everything is okay, remove the old MySQL 5.5 version. After playing around with it and getting more confused, I decided I did not want to risk screwing everything up and sought professional help.

First I tried my server host….. that went no where quickly. After time on hold, they said support could not help, but I could do a one time support if I were willing to pay for it. I was not looking forward to the experience of trying to understand what I was being told over the phone or chat, and then attempting to execute the instructions.

I dropped that idea and went back to a WordPress specific consultant.

After a pretty simple process to request a quote, I received an acceptable response and sent in a deposit to start the work.

I received an email with items that would be needed to complete the process, sent them off, and now am waiting to see how things progress from here!

More later!

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