Kasdorf vehicles through the years. 11/25/02—11/29/22

I started a log way back when. Tried to keep it up to date, but failed pretty bad.
The first VW I owned. Was Dads "Hand me down" when he got a newer one. Then, Oops. I ran it into the back of a pickup truck and curled the front end of the VW up. Totaled it. No pictures of this one.
1960 Chevy Belair. My first car. (Purchased in 1965? I know I was still in HS so had to be 65 or 66.) The condition it was in makes hard to believe it was only 5 years old. Not the actual vehicle, but it looked just like this. Wonder if this one had missing sheet metal in the back floorboards.
1960 Chevy Belair. Rebuilt the straight 6 engine from the crank up before I could drive it. Dad helped me fasten sheet metal to the floor so people in the back didn't fall into the road.
1960 Chevy Belair. Yep, this is what the engine looked like. Much simpler back in those days.
Somewhere in here I also had a go cart with a Mac 10 chainsaw engine on it. No pictures I know of.
Got an old Studebaker Lark given to me to run in the Demolition Derby at the county fair grounds.
A picture of the Lark in action... it didn't fly to well.
The neighbours gave me a Thunderbird with the continental kit on the back to drive in another demolition derby. Battery issues took me out quickly, otherwise it was solid enough it may have fared well.
This is the second 1958 VW. I bought it to put a 110 HP Corvair engine in. Was a really fun little sleeper car for around town. Ran it once at the drag strip just for fun. Beat the 327's, et in the 15 second range. No known pictures. Sold when I went into the Navy.
This photo is in Goose Creek SC. The original paint color here.
1965 Honda CB77 Super Hawk 305 CC. My first motorcycle bought in South Carolina while stationed there. Drove it 2 years, then sold it to someone who wanted it, and I wanted the money for a new one.
I believe this was the second color I painted the '65 VW.
I think this was the third and final color of the '65 VW. I drove this at Purdue where it was stolen out of the parking garage on campus. Hurst shifter, chrome rims, big bore kit, HD oil cooler. Guess it looked to attractive. I DID get it back though. The police called and said they found it. It had been stripped down. I bought 4 cheap wheels put them on and Dad towed me all the way home to Goshen. I put in an old engine and drove it for a couple years yet.
While in Guam I had a dual purpose bike. A BSA 441 Victor Special. A huge single cylinder that would about break your foot if you didn't know how to start it.
On the ocean voyage over to Guam from SC I bought this in 1970 off a person that had tried fixing and gave up. I did get it running, but never very well. Only had it a few months, then left the Navy. Gave the bike to a friend there who later turned it into a short track racer.
I went to Guam in 1970. This bike was well used prior to that. I don't know what year it was, never had any records. Bultaco started in 1958 and closed in 1983. I'm thinking 1965 might be about right. These pictures are of a fully restored Matador. Looks about right to me. Flat seak, red/black trim.
Not many pictures of Nancy's original 1972 (?) Chevelle. Here it is at a campground in the Rocky Mountains we took in 1975.
The Chevelle loaded down with wedding presents. 6-26-76.
The VW Rabbit. I really wanted it, and it was sort of a good car. Had fuel pump problems since about the day we drove it home.
George and Nancy Kasdorf vehicles through the years. Missing a few pictures, darn it.