Why are you doing this?

Is a question I often get asked. No good answer. Just something to keep me busy and to record some junk I have fun doing. Years ago it would have been filled with pictures of woodworking projects I have done. Then flintlock rifle making. Then genealogy. Then amateur radio things. As you can see by the menu, there are albums of races that I have run in. Never was a good runner, never will be, I place well, but only because most people my age are wise enough not to tempt fate on the race course with a heart attack. But I have fun at it. Keeps me happy and healthy. Currently a lot of things pertain to volunteer work I do. (including another website – SMLC.News) Also some things I do flying a small drone around.

If I were to go back into time. Maybe using Mr. Peabody’s “Way Back” machine, it would have been slot car racing, then go karts, then repairing autos. So on and so so.

For a long time I cut this off from web browsers. Again, back long ago it had a fairly high ranking in the SEO world, at least in things pertaining to family genealogy. But I started to get more gripes than thanks, so dumped it all from the web, and hid out. Just playing around with things as the urge moved me.

Now, I just play around, sometimes I learn something new, and that makes me happy. So “That’s why.” Plus it keeps me out of the bars.