Geocaching Degree

Well I was not able (yet) to be awarded a Doctor of Geocaching, but I was successful in getting my “Bachelor of Geocaching“.

Just a little fun thing that “Folboter JAF” does as part of his challenge hides.

You can look them up on

GC5CRR1 Bachelors = Got it okay.

GC5CRR2 Masters = Might […]

FTF Magazine

I recently “discovered” FTF Magazine, a Print Magazine for Geocachers. It looked interesting enough to spend a few bucks to get a subscription. With the subscription you get a nice Geocoin that is trackable.

They also send a Discoverable tracking card. I had never seen these until I did some caching down in Ohio […]

Playing Games – Snag the Tag

I saw a notice on the Geocaching home page about a program called “Snag the Tag“, so I investigated. On the home page was a link to purchase the “Hider Kit”. There was originally two types available, a large and a small. Since the large was sold out I grabbed a small right away, […]