Am I out running? (… and have my phone)

Free real-time tracking. Free GPS tracker. Show your location live on Google Maps. Free for your Android phone.

Using an Android application by Greenalps “Real Time Tracker” I can now transmit live GPS data. This is particularly useful for runs when I am away from home so people can track if I am running or in a ditch. It can also be used during races to see where I am on the course… or pretending to run while I am sitting in a bar somewhere.

It also can do overlays, which I have not done yet, but sounds pretty cool, especially for races. I believe you can add a KML file of a route previously run and recorded, or for some bigger races a downloaded map of the course. Then when the Android is transmitting it shows not only the current location and track taken, but where on the course you actually are at any given time. The frequency it saves a “way point” and also the frequency it sends update to the server are configurable.

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