ParkRun, or free running in the park.

  1. ParkRun, or free running in the park.
  2. ParkRun #2
  3. Lillie Parkrun 5K #50!

Today (Saturday December 19, 2015) I went for a run with the ParkRun group in Livonia Michigan. I recently heard about this group while talking with a person picking up his packet at another race. It sounded like fun so thought I would give it a try.
First I did some research at their web site.
I signed up and printed out the bar code required to get a timed result.
When I woke up on Saturday morning it was only about 24 degrees out, so having previously decided to do this run was a good to make me get out and run, or I probably would have stayed under the warm blankets.

I made the short drive to Livonia where I saw the group assembling, parked and got out.
Made a few introductions and signed in. Followed the group over to the start line. Everyone was bouncing around trying to keep warm. Pretty soon we were all off and running.

2015-12-19 ParkRun004

2015-12-19 ParkRun001

(The following table contains only partial results. Visit the ParkRun web site to see everything!)
2015-12-19 ParkRun002

2015-12-19 ParkRun003

They keep track and after you complete a given number of runs you get the icon in your entry. (10 and 50 runs completed shown above)

Seems like a good way to help me get out and running on Saturday morning, especially on days like today where I would have a tendency to stay in and keep warm!

Merry Christmas!

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