Retrieving DJI Mini 2 Flight Record data.

If you are thinking of adding flight telemetry to your drone videos, step one (after flying around somewhere) is to retrieve the Flight Logs. Not hard, but first time it may help to know where to look!

I use iPhone with iTunes on a PC, so everything here reflects that.

Plug your phone into the PC and open iTunes. It should connect and show the contents of the phone.

Look for “File Sharing” in the left hand pane. Select it. (2)

Then look for DJI Fly in the “Apps” section to the right.

In the list of documents, find “FlightRecords”

You may, or may not, have to scroll down the window. I do in order to see the “Save” button.

Make a note of the location where you save these file. Put them somewhere on your PC where you will be able to find them again!

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