First Test of 360º VR

2022 Honda Passport in 3D using LIDAR

It was getting late in evening, overcast, it had been snowing as you can see by the snow on the SUV. Windows appear to be a little problem, not enough “bounce” for LIDAR to work well I guess. I also need a ladder to get high enough to capture the roof… or get the drone out and do some fly overs! Try again on a better day, but I was anxious to see what I could get using the Apple iPhone 14 Pro Max.

Irish Hills Michigan abandoned Go-Kart Track.

Go-Karts Have Gone

All gone now, but looks like it would have been fun “back in the day”!

This stone structure was built solid enough to last a long time.
Fan - That's all, just a fan.

Lidar Scan from iPhone of Fan

It’s sometimes pretty amazing what a “simple” phone can do these days. I have gone from using a very clunky and unreliable “Bag Phone” (where you had to pull over on an overpass, stick an antenna to the roof of the car and *hope* you would get a signal.) to a (almost) super computer held in your hand.

Anyway I digress. My new iPhone 14 can use Lidar to scan an object and create a 3D model of it. So simple….

Grand Central Station in Detroit.

The station is being refurbished and remodeled by Ford Motor Company for use as office space.

2022-12-06-Detroit-Central-Station-Copper Roof.
2022-12-06-Detroit-Central-Station-Copper Roof.

A beautiful new copper roof is being installed over the front entrance.

General "Mad" Anthony Wayne portrait.

Detroit’s Historic Fort Wayne

I took the drone into Detroit to capture some points of interest. I have never been to Fort Wayne before. Well, not true I guess. I HAVE been to Fort Wayne, but in Fort Wayne Indiana. The one in Indiana seems to be an older version, as it is made of wood, and was completed on October 20, 1794. The Detroit Fort Wayne was constructed starting in 1840.

Aerial 360° view of Detroit’s Fort Wayne.

I suggest you definitely use the “Full Screen”    button at the bottom of the panorama to see the details of the fort.