Adding Telemetry to Videos

I have been playing around with some software (Dashware) that allows me to add various flight parameters to videos shot with the DJI Mini2. It is a little tricky to get everything set up right, but there are number of good videos on YouTube that show how to do this.

I need to get some footage now of some “stunt” flying.. as if I do stunts, but at least something to make the gages move off the needle!

Maybe duct tape it to the roof of the car and head around some back roads.

Mostly just for fun though. Don’t know why the route (in blue) got cut off. You have to fiddle around with it to get the start and stop points correct, and it seems like once you go to far, it removes the track, and then even if you back up it remains missing. I got tired of reimporting the data and left it this way. Guess that is why some tips are to start filming right away, then cut out the start and finish you don’t want. Maybe try that sometime.

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  1. I really enjoyed the flight from the comfort of my warm chair! Great video as always. Keep generating the content please.

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