Playing with embedded Fonts

<!– –> p1 { font-family: “Times New Roman”, Times, serif; font-size: 20px; } p2 { font-family: “Courier New”, monospace; color: green; } p3 { font-family: “Lucida Console”, “Courier New”, monospace; } p4 { font-family: Tahoma, sans-serif; color:red; } p5 { font-family: beynoregular; font-size: 20px; color:red; } choc { font-family: logger; font-size: 30px; color:#805a46; } choc1 { font-family: logger; font-size: 30px; color:#d2691e; } choc2 { font-family: “logger”; font-size: 30px; color:#35281E; } choc3 { font-family: “logger”; font-size: 30px; color:#7b3f00; } p7 { font-family: “beynoregular”; font-size: 40px; color:black; } p8 { font-family: “faster_oneregular”; font-size: 40px; color:violet; } p9 { font-family: ‘Caveat’; font-size: 30px; color:blue; }

The Web Font Test Page is located here.

This is new text I added using p1 Times New Roman. ====
This is new text I added using p2 Courier New. ====
This is new text I added using p3 Lucida Console. ====
This is new text I added using p4 Tahoma. ====

h I Non specified font.

h II Non specified font.

h III Non specified font.

This is new text I added using p (only).

This is new text I added using pV Beyno. él? tippmix eredmények

THIS IS Beyno. This doesn’t work.

THIS IS LOGGER. color:#805a46

THIS IS LOGGER. color:#d2691e

THIS IS LOGGER. color:#35281E

THIS IS LOGGER. Best color:#7b3f00


This is Caveat! This Works!


This is new text I added inside a plain div statement. But it seems no div is required.

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