This is to cool – or is it?

I just found out about a new plugin for WordPress which integrates Jalbum directly into a WP blog entry.
I needed a post to try it out, so here it is. Let see if it works!
Okay, test one failed… getting errors in path.
Okay, test two failed… getting errors in path.
Okay, test three worked, I think the only issue was the direction of the slash!
But, putting the entire album in means every thumbnail is in the post! Way to many!!
Using the option for showing only 4 thumbnails.

I am going to try single photo….
. . . . some time later . . . I was reading the authors website . . . I am supposed to be able to limit the number of thumbnails . . . . somehow . . .
That works really great, even shows how many photos are in total album. Only issue I have is that the thumbnails are getting pretty grainy when I move them up to 300 pixels, which is the size I normally like them. Moved them back to 150.

[jalbum_photo:/GSlideShows/Alberta2007,Alberta Canada 2007-07 005.jpg]

Now that works sweet!
I like that I can see the thumbnail, then it opens the actual album. Other than tracking down the correct album and photo name it is easier than the LightBox Plus plug in I was using… which I still like to quickly show a thumbnail and then a full size photo, which can be the same or different photo which is nice.

Now . . . . I wonder what the IFrame option does . . .
Okay . . okay, but not my preference. It does allow the full album to be inserted, and maybe with a different theme, like one that resizes, it may work better, but I don’t like all the scrolling this way. I like opening the album from the thumbnail, then the new album can be close so the user returns to the blog entry.

Until the final plug in blows up,