Mantis Chipmate

The Mantis Chipmate. Some information for the remaining three people that have one, or are just otherwise interested.
Some photos of the accessories.
I am not sure why, but I found these interesting and when researching the web for more information I found very little available.
I was lucky enough to uncover some original accessories, still (mostly) in the original packaging!

I actually have not used this machine very much. The little I did it seemed like you need to have some time on your hands to process very much through it!
Will try more later. It may also be that “green” clippings feed in easier than the dried out stuff I put in. It did chew them up into shavings, but took a little while.

Note: There is no “feed” system other than the push paddle, so you cannot just stick the end of a small branch in and have it pulled into the cutters and ground up. It must be constantly pushed into the chipper head.

Did I get a “FKT” on the Geddes-Matthaei path?

The other day I went out for a walk, ended up following the new Geddes Road to Matthaei Botanical Gardens path. It is still under construction, so maybe not a real FKT, but I did go from the “Yard of Bricks” in front of the conservatory, to the sidewalk on Geddes Road. A little rough to follow in places though. Maybe try again in a few weeks to see how it is coming along. Really looking forward to this route for easy access to Gallup Park and all the rest of the B2B Trail.


Some thoughts. Park at the mill, it’s free, the gardens charge for parking. The length looks to be about 2.3 miles. Overall it will be pretty flat, a few ups and downs closer to Geddes Road.

Michigan Fitness Foundation

The Michigan Fitness Foundation was created to encourage the residents of Michigan to pursue a healthier lifestyle. It uses positive rewards to get people out running foot races, or volunteering at races. One unique award is a chance to win a trip to the top of the Mackinaw Bridge tower!

The conclusion of the program for 2016. Once the maximum number of events is submitted.

The conclusion of the program for 2016. Once the maximum number of events is submitted.

Some of the goodies that can be earned.


The water bottle that is given out.

The water bottle that is given out.

For more information try here. Not sure if it will change in 2017 or beyond.

The USATF Phidippides Award

2016-08-13_Phidippides LG

If you have an interest in running, and want to get a little swag and at the same time support the USATF you can apply for the “Phidippides Award”. It takes a few bucks, and a little work, but you do get a very nice plaque and member card for your effort.

2016-08-13_Phidippides Award 05


Phidippides Award

The Phidippides Award is based on points accumulated over the calendar year. A runner is eligible for one award per year.

  • Only races that are run in the United States are eligible.
  • Races must be accurately measured by race director or certified by USATF.
  • You must be a member of USATF October 31st of this year AND 40 years or older.
  • You must provide website where your times can be verified.
  • We encourage you to submit your application as soon as you have acquired the points necessary for your award.
  • Only the number of points required will be considered; it is not necessary to submit events for more points than you need.
  • Multiple distance in one event are not counted as separate entries.

Points are accumulated on the following basis:
1 point: 1 mile to 4km
2 points: 5km to 5 miles
3 points: 10kn to 15km
4 points: 10 miles to Half Marathon
5 points: 25km to Marathon
6 points: distances longer that Marathon

Age 40-59
Gold: 30
Silver: 24
Bronze: 12

Age 60-79
Gold: 24
Silver: 18
Bronze: 9

Age 80+
Gold: 12
Silver: 6
Bronze: 3

I put this all in an Excel spreadsheet that I could put links to the web sites which had the results for the races I submitted for the award. Was not that hard. If you have done the work, may as well get the award!

Free Running!

Subway Trail Race Series Logo

While there are a number of places to go running for free, doing a run with a different group, in a different place is always fun to try.
So, I just signed up for the Subway Trail Running Series, sponsored with Subway Sandwiches and Playmakers running store.

Will find out what these are like!
= = = =
Subway and Playmakers are partnering again to bring you the Subway Summer Trail Series! The free Subway Summer Trail Series of 5K run/walks will explore three local cross country courses over the summer and introduce participants to great places to get out and stay healthy. This year’s locations include Dewitt High School, Haslett High School and the Cascades in Jackson. As a bonus, free Subway sandwiches will be served at each event and anyone who completes all three Subway Summer Trail Series 5K’s will recieve an awesome gift from Merrell!

Our charity partners this year are Dewitt Area Running Team (D.A.R.T.), Hasett HS Cross Country Team, and charities that support the continued operation of the Cascades and surrounding park in Jackson.

Registration for each location will open approximately 3 weeks before the event date. It is recommended that participants register as early as possible since these events did sell out last year.

** New This Year ** You can now guarantee your entry for all three locations and reserve your Merrell gift with a $20 donation. Look for the “Subway Summer Trail Series- Guaranteed Entry” option when you register! This is limited to the first 200 registrants or when the event sells out.

Grab a friend and register today for the Subway Summer Trail Series Fun runs and walks!