ParkRun #2

  1. ParkRun, or free running in the park.
  2. ParkRun #2
  3. Lillie Parkrun 5K #50!

I ran the ParkRun for the second time last weekend. I am liking doing this. It gets me out to run regardless of the weather. You get a time to compare yourself against, and it provides some light competition to run with. If you are in the vicinity stop on by. Check their web site for details.

After everyone (almost) arrives and signs the register people head to the start area.

Park Run 5K in Livonia Michigan

Step One = Sign the register (at left)


Park Run 5K in Livonia Michigan

Step Two = Assemble at the start area.


Park Run 5K in Livonia Michigan

Step Three = Final instructions are given.


Park Run 5K in Livonia Michigan

Step Four = Run! Off into the woods we go.


Park Run 5K in Livonia Michigan

. . . and 3.1 miles later the finish line is crossed.

ParkRun, or free running in the park.

  1. ParkRun, or free running in the park.
  2. ParkRun #2
  3. Lillie Parkrun 5K #50!

Today (Saturday December 19, 2015) I went for a run with the ParkRun group in Livonia Michigan. I recently heard about this group while talking with a person picking up his packet at another race. It sounded like fun so thought I would give it a try.
First I did some research at their web site.
I signed up and printed out the bar code required to get a timed result.
When I woke up on Saturday morning it was only about 24 degrees out, so having previously decided to do this run was a good to make me get out and run, or I probably would have stayed under the warm blankets.

I made the short drive to Livonia where I saw the group assembling, parked and got out.
Made a few introductions and signed in. Followed the group over to the start line. Everyone was bouncing around trying to keep warm. Pretty soon we were all off and running.

2015-12-19 ParkRun004

2015-12-19 ParkRun001

(The following table contains only partial results. Visit the ParkRun web site to see everything!)
2015-12-19 ParkRun002

2015-12-19 ParkRun003

They keep track and after you complete a given number of runs you get the icon in your entry. (10 and 50 runs completed shown above)

Seems like a good way to help me get out and running on Saturday morning, especially on days like today where I would have a tendency to stay in and keep warm!

Merry Christmas!

World Record Running Debut!

Well, not everyone who does their first official, timed, race breaks a world record, but the Kazology Team did just that!

Three runners, three miles, three world records!

Don’t think so? Well there is proof!

Guinness 03x3
NAK Guinness 2013x3PK Guinness 2013

So, what was this for?
Well, back in June of 2012 the town of Canton Michigan sponsored the “Liberty Run”, a 5K (3.1 Miles) race.
These three highly trained and highly motivated sub-elite runners took up the challenge and blazed through the course in record time! Two of the three set PR’s for the 5K distance, and all three made it into the Guinness World Book of Records.

2012 Liberty Festival 5K

2012 Liberty Festival

2012 Liberty Festival

Lots more pictures were taken and posted in the race photo page.

Car 54 Where are you… or where is your call box?

So, Dad had this old box with a phone mounted it in. He used it for an outside phone from the barn to the house. It got locked at some point, and key was missing. We took it to the local locksmith and left it with him. I got a call a couple days later saying it was ready. Went back to pick it up.

A bit of a surprise when he opened it up for the first time in many years.

Gamewell alarm box #424.

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Real Time GPS Tracker Part 3

Tips for Greenalp Real Time GPS Tracker.
You are allowed to add two overlays which is a really nice little addition to the program. An overlay is a previously created route or track saved as a .KML file and uploaded to a web server, and then the Real Time setup points to the file. This is sort of neat so you can put the overlay there, then when you run/walk/bike/ski/drive the course your “guest” viewers can see where you are at on the actual course. You could create a collection of overlays, and then update the web site with the one you will want to display next, but I do not want to go in and have to change this all the time. I wondered if I could take several tracks and merge them together, then upload the combined KML file and see each of the courses. Turns out this can be done. I got a very simple program “KML Merge”.

I created several KML files by exporting tracks out of Sport Tracks, then used KML Merge to… merge them together. Simple.
I posted the newly merged file on the web server, went to the Greenalp setup, added the merged file, and now have several different courses using only one of the two files allowed.